How to Set Your Photo Booth Business Up for Success

Image006If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and start a photo booth business, ensure you have everything needed to make sure you can run your business. From having a solid business plan in place, to planning your marketing strategy and pricing model, these are just three areas you need to pay attention to if you want to set your business up for success.


Develop Your Business Plan


It’s important to know what you want out of your new business venture. You’ll need to define who your target audience is and how they can benefit from your photo booth application. As part of your business plan you’ll need to conduct market research and survey potential clients on what it is they’re looking to get out of their events and see if there is a demand for your offering.


Plan Your Marketing Strategy


As you’ve spent the time doing the market research, you can now put this into play as you put your marketing strategy together. You could run an opening special for your services and promote the best photo booth app for parties digitally. Use the features of your offering within your marketing and consider advertising your business on Facebook via Facebook Business Manager, Instagram Advertising as well as through Google Adwords, making use of search and display marketing.


Build Up Your Pricing Model


Deciding on what to charge clients can be hard, especially if it’s something new to the market. This links back closely to the development of a solid business plan. Spend the time doing market research and see what your competitors are charging and what sort of services they offer.


Try to ensure you don’t forget to take your running costs such as water and electricity and human resources into account when building your pricing model. After all you need to cover the wear and tear on your equipment and the labour to set up for the event.


Starting a new business venture is never an easy task but if you take these 3 factors into account, you’re bound to set your photo booth business up for success with Snapic.

Best photo booth Software solution

While complete photo booth setups are available to rent, it’s really a pricey exercise along with a hassle to decipher it. Benefit from the real photo booth experience on iPad with easy-to-use photo booth app for iPad.
It’s as easy as buying and installing the photo booth software and taking tonnes of pictures with your friends and family while having fun. Here are some of the top photo booth solutions available for iPad.

1. My Photobooth App is literally a photo booth in your iPad. The app has various filters as well. So buy the app, take fun pictures, and share them with all your friends.

2. LumaBooth app lets you run a professional-grade photo booth app for iPad. Using our built-in themes for your start screen for any occasion or easily set your own background image, font, and colours to keep with your event’s theme.

3. WiFi Booth is a professional photo booth software that connects directly to your digital cameras and printers for high-quality guestbook printing live at your event. It is a lot easier to use than other photo booth apps! Plus, it is free to install and try for an unlimited period of time, you only pay to remove watermarks.

4. Simple booth uses the iPad’s front-facing camera so your guests can touch the screen and create awesome photo layouts or GIFs with a live preview. You can even let them share on social media or print photos!

5. SnapBooth App acts as a free personal photo booth. Allowing you to take extraordinary photos at your party. Touch the screen to start, wait for the countdown, then share, email, and print them to the world with one touch.

6. DIYweddingbooth will capture unforgettable moments from your wedding day with your very own professional photo booth solutions. Specifically designed for weddings, the app turns your iPad into an independent touchscreen photo booth that can run unaided throughout your event.

The Best 360 Degree Cameras Available

Camera technology took a turn for the better with the advent of the digital age, and nowadays it is possible to buy a good quality digital camera for a surprisingly affordable price. What’s more, you can even purchase a 360degree system – that’s right, one that films a genuine panoramic full scene. How great would that be if, for example, you indulge in exciting sports, or if you simply want to film what happens on your travels?

360 Cameras is the leading name in the supply of such equipment in South Africa, and they have an excellent range that will surprise you with its ability and price. They can supply all the equipment you need to ensure you can live stream your journey in real time, and they can offer extensive recording ability too. Have a look at the 360 Cameras  website and the 360fly app for all the information you need on the latest camera equipment.

Omnidirectional camera