The Best 360 Degree Cameras Available

Camera technology took a turn for the better with the advent of the digital age, and nowadays it is possible to buy a good quality digital camera for a surprisingly affordable price. What’s more, you can even purchase a 360degree system – that’s right, one that films a genuine panoramic full scene. How great would that be if, for example, you indulge in exciting sports, or if you simply want to film what happens on your travels?

360 Cameras is the leading name in the supply of such equipment in South Africa, and they have an excellent range that will surprise you with its ability and price. They can supply all the equipment you need to ensure you can live stream your journey in real time, and they can offer extensive recording ability too. Have a look at the 360 Cameras  website and the 360fly app for all the information you need on the latest camera equipment.

Omnidirectional camera

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